From 2 Years Old

Your child starts in the toddler room when they are 2 years old. When your child is approaching their second birthday they will start to have settling in sessions so that it is familiar to them. The ratio of staff to children in this room is 1:4. Staff will discuss this move with you so you can become familiar with the staff and the room. You will also then have the opportunity to discuss your child’s routine so this is again mirrored in this room.

Stimulating the Imagination

The toddler base room is a large play space dedicated to a wide variety of play and learning opportunities to help continue to develop skills stimulating their imagination. With areas such as role play, messy play and construction areas the children are free to explore and investigate the world around them at their own pace.

Experienced qualified staff set opportunities and activities that encourage confidence and independence. The children are then ready to learn when they move to the preschool room aged 3 years.

Kitchen & Bathroom

There is a kitchen area in the toddler room for refreshments throughout the day as the child requires, meals are taken in the dining room with the rest of the nursery children.

They have their own bathroom with nappy changing area and with child friendly toilets and sinks to help that important step of moving out of nappies.

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