From 3 Years Old

The children enter the preschool room following their 3rd birthday. The preschool room has many areas within it and the children are free to move about the room as they choose. However, each child is monitored throughout the day to ensure that they are using all of the areas of learning and having each learning opportunity.

The qualified experienced staff plan and tailor the learning to each individual needs with outcomes that are evaluated and progressed. We follow the Early Years Foundation Phase and are inspected by ESTYN. The staff provide a varied curriculum choosing topics which will enthuse the children and therefore encourage them to thrive.


The areas of learning are; Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity, Language, Literacy and Communication Skills, Mathematical Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development, Welsh Language Development and Physical Development.

Free sessions are available in this room as long as the child attends a minimum of 3 sessions, subject to meeting the Local Education Authority’s criteria.

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