From Birth

Our babies are cared for in several rooms in the nursery on the ground floor depending on their age and stage of development. Babies develop quickly and our baby rooms reflect this with age appropriate equipment and activities to stimulate and encourage this development. Our fully qualified experienced staff are part of this, nurturing and caring for them as they meet their individual milestones maintaining ratios of 1:3.

Separate Baby Rooms

The baby rooms are separated as mobile and non mobile babies. We don’t allow outdoor shoes in any of our baby rooms and have shoe covers for visiting parents.

The baby room is fully equipped with a kitchen for preparing feeds and drinks, and separate nappy changing area with hand wash sink and is next to a cosy cot room for daytime naps.

Tell Us Your Child’s Routine

Your child’s routine is set by you, so your child is settled between home and nursery. Our gentle, relaxed homely environment helps with this and children settle in quickly. We provide all meals and refreshments, irrespective whether it’s formula, weaning foods or our own freshly prepared and cooked meals. All we need from you is nappies we provide everything else. We have a daily diary to keep you up to date.

We endeavour to have settled happy parents as well as happy settled children.

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